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Synchro acrobatic tandem flight


2 full rounds. The acrobatic experience you’ve always dreamed of. There are 2 possible seats on this flight, the price is €480 per passenger.

Remember before any flight or course reservation.
It is mandatory to contact us via phone(+34) 666 493 743 o Whatapp pto arrange your desired date and time for the activity


Two complete rounds. The aerobatic experience of which you have always dreamt. Get into Synchro Spirals, Helico Rodeo, Synchro Wingovers, Molineti and many more manoeuvres next to the world champions in solo and synchro categories.   (Raúl, Horacio, Félix)

Price is 480€ per passenger.

This includes photographic and video report + Micro SD card + Organyà sausages and cold meats tasting.

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1 Pasajero, 2 Pasajeros