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Safety and Active piloting Course


You can enjoy a full day with Raúl Rodriguez or Horacio Llorens to improve your level as a pilot.

Remember before any flight or course reservation.
It is mandatory to contact us via phone(+34) 666 493 743 o Whatapp pto arrange your desired date and time for the activity


You will enjoy a full day with Raúl Rodríguez and Horacio Llorens who will show you how to improve your piloting skills and paragliding safety. (Maximum 3 pilots per instructor)

Price: 1 day €500, 2 days €850, 3 days €1150

Equipment needed:

Flying with 2 parachutes is mandatory. Rental of the second ventral parachute if needed: €50.
Pilots will fly with their own equipment: paraglider and harness.


  • Theoretical classes.
  • Instructional videos.
  • Paragliding simulators on the ground.
  • Practical lessons and guided manoeuvres programme.
  • Daily check of videos recorded during practical lessons.
  • Didactic tandem flight (optional)
  • FFS Diploma


  • Understand safety, use and control of your parachute through flight simulators.
  • Manage risk and recover your paraglider through flight simulators.
  • Control active piloting manoeuvres, safety and descent techniques.
  • Introduction to the main aerobatic and dynamic manoeuvres. Wing Overs, 360-degree turns, dolphin movement.

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1 día, 2 días, 3 días