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the Fusion method

"Play, teach and learn", "Discover, control and master"

These are the premises that serve as a basis for the FUSION method: a revolutionary method developed by Raúl Rodríguez and Horacio Llorens.

Horacio and Raúl are experienced SIV course instructors (Simulation d'Incidents en Vol) with long paragliding careers and extensive knowledge of aerobatics. Alongside these professional world champions, pilots will learn all that is needed to fly safely and master the main manoeuvres. This method is also useful for advanced pilots who want to improve their aerobatic skills.

We will help you achieve your goals through didactic videos that show each manoeuvre step by step, miniparagliders designed by Raúl to put into practise what you learn in the theoretical lessons and flight simulators that let you reproduce body posture and movements. We will also record daily videos with a GoPro camera to analyse specific moments of your daily practice and to better understand gestural movements.


We offer piloting courses for all levels.